Certificates & standards

Strength grading

Strength grading is the testing and evaluation of the bending strength and breaking resistance of every individual piece of structural timber according to the set standards.

AKZ Ltd is certified by the official grading agency Trada for strength grading softwood for construction purposes according to the visual grade standards as well as machine grade standards as set out in the British Standards.
This enables AKZ to provide the customers with a range of sizes in various structural grade classes like C16, C18 & C24.
Every piece of strength graded timber is marked with a certified grade stamp mentioning the species, moisture content, grading method, mill certificate number, manufacturing country, and the strength class.
Strength graded timber enables the customers to select timber with sufficient minimal strength required for a particular structural function like usage inside a wall element, a floor joist or a roof truss.

Here you can download and see our certificates: