Privacy policy 2022

Initial release: 15.05.2018.
Last update: 01.09.2022.

AKZ Privacy Policy

The right to process personal data

SIA AKZ (AKZ), shall only perform the processing of personal data, to which permission has been given  or which is performed on the basis of contractual relations, or regulatory enactments that are in force in the Republic of Latvia and binding or that is performed in order to protect the lawful interests of AKZ.


What kind of personal data do AKZ process                       

Personal data shall mean any information related to a person, enabling that person to be directly or indirectly identified.

The exact personal data AKZ process is dependent on what kind of legal relationship AKZ have with a person (employment, cooperation, supplier etc.):

  • Information on the person

Name, surname, birth data, citizenship (in certain cases), address of the place of residence, e-mail, phone number, signature.

  • Identification numbers allocated by state authorities

Personal identity number, passport or ID card number, number of a driver’s licence or any other licence or certificate.

  • Financial information

Bank account number.


  • Video surveillance and use of electronic keys
    In order to ensure:
  • Security of material assets, movable/immovable property of AKZ;
  • Prevention and identification of unauthorised activities;
  • Assessment of accidents and results of property damage;
  • Protection of personal interests , including life and health protection and labour safety;
  • Correct provision of working practices and supervision of the performance of work duties;
  • Monitoring the control and quality of the production process of AKZ, in addition for the assessment of any customer complaints we perform video surveillance of the estate and office building of the Aizkraukle sawmill, as well as register information on the access of persons to the estate and building.


  • Information acquired online

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AKZ process the listed information only if necessary for a particular case and this above list cannot be considered fully complete. Depending on the situation AKZ may also have the need to process other personal data.


For what purpose do we use this information

In order to fulfil the requirements set by law and to ensure the daily operation of the Company AKZ process personal data for the following purposes:

  • Management of relations with employees and other stakeholders
  • In cases determined by law, reporting to state authorities;
  • Safety (video surveillance and use of electronic keys).

What is the legal basis for personal data processing?

The processing is lawful if at least one of the following is applicable:

  • Data processing necessary to conclude or fulfil any of the contracts.
  • A person has given consent for personal data processing. For example, personal data delivered on the basis of consent to an insurance company for the purposes of an health insurance policy.
  • Personal data processing is necessary to implement AKZ’s legal (legitimate) interests or lawful (legitimate) interests of third persons. For example, AKZ process personal data to prevent entry of unauthorised persons to the estate and office building of the Aizkraukle sawmill, making AKZ secure against liability for the behaviour of persons in the estate.
  • Personal data processing is necessary to perform AKZ’s legal duty as a controller. For example, AKZ have an obligation to provide personal data at the request of the State Revenue Service or law enforcement authorities.


How long do we store personal data?

AKZ  store personal data only as long as necessary, unless laws provide or permit a longer period of storage. AKZ endeavours not to store personal data longer than reasonably necessary, taking into account the purposes for which the data was acquired, for example:

  • the law determines different time periods for the storage of different documents, such as the Accounting Law or Archive Law;
  • other circumstances, for example, if AKZ have contractual relations, then AKZ will store your personal data for the whole period of validity of such contracts.

If necessary AKZ may store personal data once no longer a client, cooperation partner, contact person thereof etc. Such action may be required if it is determined by the regulatory enactments that are in force in the Republic of Latvia and are binding to AKZ and in order to ensure the legal and legitimate interests of AKZ, including, but not limited to, any disagreement arising with AKZ.

In all cases AKZ will erase useless or inappropriate personal data or make it anonymous. If the storage of personal data is not mandatory, a person may request AKZ delete it before the expiry of the planned period of storage.


Do AKZ disclose personal data to others?

In accordance with the law, AKZ are not permitted to disclose personal data. Access to personal data will only be available to those employees who need it for the performance of work duties.

However, in cases determined in law or in accordance with the consents provided by individuals, AKZ may disclose personal data externally. Most frequently these will be:

  • insurance companies for policy preparation
  • state authorities and other public bodies or third persons, if it is prescribed by law or necessary for contractual fulfilment.


Automated decision making and profiling

AKZ do not perform automated decision making or profiling


International transfer of personal data

Personal data are stored within the territory of the European Union and European Economic Area.

Personal data safety

AKZ always perform the relevant technical, physical, legal and organisational measures, which are necessary in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia and the applicable legal acts of the European Union, in order to ensure confidentiality and protection of personal data.


Access to information,  amendments and erasure thereof

AKZ need to ensure personal data stored is precise and up to date. Therefore, in the event of any changes to personal data employees are obliged to inform AKZ, for the purposes of up to date  personal data processing.

In accordance with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, individuals are entitled to access their personal data in AKZ’s possession, request correction, deletion, limitation of access and object to the processing of such data, as well as the right to data portability in the events and pursuant to the procedure prescribed in the General Data Protection Regulation.

If AKZ receive a request from an individual, AKZ will reply to it within the time periods determined in the regulatory enactments (usually not later than 20 working days unless it is a special case requiring longer preparation time) and if  possible AKZ will amend or erase your personal data.

Individuals may obtain information on their personal data available to AKZ or implement any other rights held as a data subject by sending an application to AKZ via mail to the legal address or e-mail:

Upon receipt of an application, AKZ will evaluate the content and possibility of identifying an individual and depending on the situation will reserve the right to request additional identification to ensure the safety of data and disclosure only to the relevant person.

Please take into account that in cases determined in the applicable legal acts, AKZ will not provide  information on personal data and it shall not be possible to request AKZ to amend or erase it. For example, such restrictions are determined for information in relation to an initiated criminal proceeding.


Complaints on issues related to personal data processing

If there are any questions or objections in respect of AKZ’s processing of your personal data, please  contact AKZ.

In any case where a problem or dispute remains unresolved and an individual still considers their rights violated in respect of personal data protection, a complaint can be filed with the Latvian Data State Inspectorate. Samples of applications to the Data State Inspectorate and other related information is available on the website of the Data State Inspectorate (


Review of provisions of the privacy policy

AKZ regularly review and renew these conditions. AKZ reserves the right to make any amendments to the Policy without prior notice.

Contact information of the personal data controller of AKZ

AKZ can be contacted by writing electronically to or via mail to – SIA AKZ, Matro┼żu iela 15, Riga, LV-1048.


Member of the board of SIA AKZ
Uldis Asars