Raw Material Base

Latvia is covered for about 45% by forest. This percentage

has been growing from 25% almost a century ago and still continues growing.Pine (Pinus Sylvestris / 39%), Birch (Betula / 28%) and Spruce (Picea Abies / 20%) are the dominant species.


The Latvian State owns over 50% of all the forest stands in the country. These forests are managed by the State Forestry Service (LVM). The remaining forests are privately owned. All activities in the private forests are also controlled by the state as any forestry work has to be conducted according to the Latvian Forestry Law.

The forests of Latvia are the main source of raw material for AKZ’s sawmill.

Our sawmill only uses coniferous raw material. The supply consists of roughly 60% Pine and 40% Spruce.