AKZ Human Rights and Labour policy 2022

Initial release: 01.07.2022.
Last update: 01.09.2022.

AKZ Human Rights and Labour Policy

  1. Introduction
    1. SIA AKZ (the Company) complies with the principles of governance and decision-making as set out in legal acts and internal regulations, in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
    2. The Company bases its activities on the approach that direct and precise duplication of legislation in policies or internal documents is not necessary, making it possible to apply any updated regulations quickly and directly to everyday situations. However, the Company shall include regulation in policies if the legislation allows freedom of choice in implementation or if in practice there is a need to emphasize more systematic control/monitoring of specific issues. The Human rights and Labour Policy (the Policy) developed by the Company includes guidelines implemented by the Company in certain areas.
    3. The Company ensures, as far as possible, that the employees of the Company and suppliers shall apply the principles set out in the Policy in their operations. The Policy covers the businesses of the Company worldwide.
    4. The Company’s approach to human rights is based on the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, including binding international agreements. The Policy includes the Company’s position on child employment.


  1. Human Rights position
    1. The Company abides by and requires suppliers/business partners who provide services or sell goods to the Company, to comply with internationally recognized human rights norms and to ensure that they have not engaged and will not engage in human rights violations.
    2. The Company respects the human rights of employees as stipulated in the Declaration of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on principles and fundamental rights in the workplace, including:
      1. Non-discrimination

The Company offers equal rights and opportunities for everyone to freely choose employment and occupation, and such rights are not affected by gender, nationality or ethnic origin, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation or disability.

  1. Prohibition of child labour

The Company does not hire employees under the age of 15 or those who continue to receive compulsory general education until they reach the age of 18. Children who have reached the minimum legal age for employment shall not be employed in any hazardous work conditions or perform work that can harm the child’s personal growth, morality or development.

  1. Prohibition of forced labour

The Company does not allow the use of forced labour. Legal labour  relations are based on a voluntary agreement between the Company and the relevant employee established without threat of punishment.

  1. Freedom of association and the right to engage in collective bargaining

The Company respects the employee's right to engage and form organizations for their own protection of rights and interests.

  1. The right to safe and healthy working conditions

Employees of the Company have the right to safe, healthy and harmless work conditions. The Company takes responsibility for labour protection compliance as defined in applicable legislation or recommendations. The Company provides continuous education of employees in the field of labour protection.

  1. Application of the Policy

In ensuring the implementation of the Policy, the Company shall:

  1. comply with all legislation governing human and labour rights;
  2. educate employees on the Policy issues as well as encourage employees to report discrimination if they see it or suspicions have arisen
  3. inform, as far as possible, the Company's suppliers and business partners on the Company’s policy and where appropriate include in any contracts the obligation to comply with the guidelines of the Policy.
Member of the board of SIA AKZ
Uldis Asars