AKZ Environmental Policy 2022

Initial release: 01.09.2022.
Last update: 01.09.2022.

AKZ Environmental Policy

  1. Introduction

SIA AKZ (AKZ) recognises that it is essential to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment. The ways in which AKZ do this are outlined in the commitments below. AKZ Environmental Policy (the Policy) is constantly under review, especially in light of new information on environmental, safety legislation and industrial activity.


  1. AKZ commitments

AKZ is willing to operate sustainably preserving the environment at our facilities by:

  • Improving environmental performance and reducing impacts;
  • Identifying and managing environmental opportunities and risks;
  • Compliance with applicable regulations.


  1. Implementation

The steering of this Policy essentially relies on:

  • Implementation of the Energy Management System in line with ISO 50001:2018 standard;
  • Constantly working to reduce resource consumption, waste and pollution in AKZ operations.


  1. Application

The Policy applies to all our operations, the employees and our business partners. Where AKZ does not have operating control, we encourage our partners to demonstrate the commitments reflected in the Policy. 

Any employee who has a question about the Policy or has any concerns regarding perceived deviation from the Policy, should promptly contact his/her direct manager or senior management. Alternatively, we encourage reporting via the procedure described in the AKZ Whistleblowing Policy.


  1. Policy Changes

AKZ reserves the right to make any amendments to the Policy without prior notice.


Member of the board of SIA AKZ
Uldis Asars